What is a Life Group?
A Life Group is a small group of 12-20 people who agree to meet together mid-week, usually in someone’s home, for bible study, prayer, and to build relationships for care and accountability.

When do Life Groups start meeting?
All Life Groups should plan their first meeting to take place by the end of September. Ideally, Life Groups meet weekly. However, some groups meet every other week. Each group decides the day, time and frequency for itself.

How do I connect into a Life Group?
For more information or to get connected with a Life Group, contact Dave Stebbings, the Elder who oversees Life Groups at the Chapel, at 508.226 2916 or by email to lifegroups@gnbc.org. He can answer your questions and talk with you about the Life Group openings in your area on the day that works best for you.

I heard that Life Groups may sometime divide into two LifeGroups. Why is this and how does it happen?
Life Groups are meant to build strong stable relationships and provide spiritual growth for the members, and then multiply themselves. Life Groups should stay together for about 18 months. During the last 6 months an elder will work with the group to help the group transition into two groups. When a group divides it can be difficult for those in the group. However, it creates more opportunities for new people who are not yet in a Life Group.

I don’t feel like I can lead a Care Group, but I would like to host a Care Group at my home. What should I do?
Talk to Dave Stebbings about hosting a Life Group. This is an important and necessary role to the success of Life  Groups at GNBC.

My life is too busy to connect into a Life Group. What should I do?
If this describes you, welcome to the club. Our lives become very full with family, sports, work, and church. However, Life Groups are a critical part of the life of the body at GNBC. This is where you will be known and cared for, as well as where you will love others as Jesus commanded.

What resources are available for Life Groups?
Dave Stebbings has extensive lists of already existing resources that Good News owns or shares with area churches and that Life Groups can use. These include DVD video studies on a number of topics such as spiritual gifts, finances, and relationships. He also has a current list and samples of a wide assortment of study guides and a list of approved publishers that can be used to select appropriate study materials. In addition, there are training opportunities throughout the year that Life Group leaders can take advantage of to build their skills.

Are Life Groups only for couples?
No, Life Groups are for singles and for couples. You should feel comfortable joining a care group consisting of couples or singles. We do want to encourage couples to be in a Life Group together, even if they are also part of a men’s or women’s group.

Who are Life Groups accountable to?
All of the Life Groups at Good News fall under the shepherding of the elder team. Each Life Group is assigned an elder who serves as a coach, mentor, and resource. Quarterly meetings of Life Group leaders and elders provide an opportunity for feedback, problem solving, training and encouragement.