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Serving at: Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany

Ministry Focus: Nathan:  Communications Designer (website, marketing, external communications, graphic design); Julie: Teacher (High School)

Ministry Synopsis:  Young “Missionary Kid” (MK) couple called to minister at the High School they attended, Black Forest Academy.

Timeline:  Began serving at Black Forest Academy in August, 2016.  GNBC has been supporting them since August, 2016

Sending Organization:  TeachBeyond

Details:  Julie and I are both MKs, my parents previously serving in Italy and Germany, and her parents currently serving in France. We both attended Black Forest Academy for high school in Germany while our parents served in Europe. That is the foundation of our desire to return to Europe and work with international schools.

BFA is a Christian international school for 300+ missionary kids from K-12 providing US-accredited education for kids whose parents are serving as church planters, evangelists etc in 60+ countries. This is essential in allowing the parents to continue to serve while their kids receive education (often through the boarding program) that will prepare them for college in the U.S.

The reason we want to go to BFA is because we are both MKs and the school had such an impact on our faith and maturing through HS. MKs are often though of as strong Christians, but in reality require a lot of mentorship to truly make their faith their own. Because we are MKs ourselves, we are able to start those relationships with a foundation of mutual trust and understanding.

Latest update:  Began serving at the start of the 2016-2017 academic school year.

Support:  You can personally support Nathan and Julie with a gift via this website: TeachBeyond

Prayer Requests:

  • Develop relationships with the students
  • Learn German Language
  • Engage local Germans/Share Christ

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