Maldonado Landing PageServing in:  Spain

Ministry Synopsis:  Young Guatemalan couple called to Youth Evangelism in Madrid, Spain

Timeline:  Began serving in Madrid in June 10, 2016

Sending Organization:  FAM (Fraternity for Advancement of Missions) of Guatemala and SEND International, PO Box 513, Farmington, MI 48332, USA

Details:  Since we accepted Jesus as our Savior, we began to serve in the ministries of children and youth. God has allowed us to have many experiences in the development of these ministries and we have directed activities such as: camps, art festivals, school evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, and activities with children. All these experiences helped us to understand that young people today need to have an encounter with Jesus. That is why we felt God has called us to missions work with young people who need to know the love of God in their lives. After nearly 10 years of experience, we have come to understand that God has been training us to work with youth in another country. This country is Spain.

Our ministry has 3 main objectives:
1. Evangelize and disciple young Spaniards to integrate into a local church
2. Help church youth integrate into other ministries in Madrid, such as Decision, YoungLife, OnTheRedBox, etc
3. Expand the vision of youth ministry to churches that need help in that area.

Latest update:  Currently working to accomplish 3 goals prior to leaving for Spain in June:

  • Attain Monthly Budget support goals.
  • Reach Outgoing Budget (to cover cost of relocating from Guatemala to Spain).
  • Obtain a Spanish Visa for religious work.


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