NEW :: Disciple Training Starts Nov 19 @ 9am!

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WHEN: Starting Nov 19th @ 9am

WHERE: In the Prayer Room at GNBC

WHAT: This training will cover:
>> Basics of living the abundant life
>> The dynamics of a spiritual life
>> The dynamics of making disciples
>> A handbook for disciple makers

THE PLAN: This is a 2 year training process — using Steven Collins’ book, “Christian Discipleship” — that will grow to involve more than just Sunday mornings. It will include time together outside of the walls of GNBC for meals, fellowship, prayer, breaking of bread, evangelism, and witnessing.

This process is designed to be simple enough to replicate so that anyone can be a disciple maker.

We are looking for people excited about following Jesus to start this process.

So come this coming Sunday. Bring your Bible, a pen, your coffee/tea/latte, and bagel or breakfast sandwich to the Prayer Room to get ready for the next phase of your journey.

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