PrayerCast 04/05/2017

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Hello praying brothers and sisters, this is Chris Tirrell, I have been attending GNBC for about thirteen years.

First, I would like to remind you of this weeks “First Thursday” prayer night in the chapel, as well as our “International Pot Luck Sunday” this weekend.

As I reflect on prayer in this PrayerCast for April 5th, 2017 I realize I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have recently been through a successful procedure to correct a heart arrhythmia and I have been hoping for a kinder and gentler heart to emerge as well. God is able!

That being said, I find myself lately in a particularly dry time in my prayer life. I am not sure why but have known the faithfulness of God for so long I will continue to put my trust in Him. And so it is as I attempt to encourage you in your prayer life, knowing how gracious praying saints are.

I would like to share with you a recent experience I had that encouraged me. I offered to help someone with a project and took a day off work leaving my workload for the day to my coworkers. I arrived at the jobsite a couple of minutes after the agreed time early in the morning on a cold wet day to find my friend had not arrived. A text alerted me he might be a couple of minutes late so I shut the ignition off as I was low on gas, and waited. As my windows steamed up the temptation to be aggravated started. After all this was not the first time, and was there no appreciation for the sacrifice I had made to help out?

No, this time would be different. My friend had been working so hard lately, and I had better things to do. I had not prayed on the trip up and now was a great opportunity to connect with the One who wanted to bless this day. I closed my eyes and had the best moments of prayer I have had recently calling out to my Deliverer for my loved ones and sensing the peace that refocuses one’s soul on the important.

How many times have I missed the opportunity to connect with my best Friend by letting “pet peeves” rob my of the peace that passes all understanding?  Wouldn’t it be nice to live in that place where praying without ceasing comes easy? What can I do to rid myself of the distractions the sin nature has thrown at me that are more costly than I have been willing to admit?

Let’s pray for each other, that the irritations we daily face would be unmasked for what they are: distractions to a life of prayer and peace that can yield great opportunities for advancing God’s kingdom in our circles of influence. And let us pray for a clear vision of how large that circle is and rise to the challenge of being all He has gifted us to be.

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  1. Steve DuPlessie

    Thank you Chris for your humble and transparent encouragement to not let the irritations of life distract me from the priority of time alone with God in prayer. That’s just what I needed to hear this morning. Thanks brother.

  2. Karen Cobleigh

    Amen. I have been doing a deep study and I know I needed to be alone with God in my study. The Holy Spirit is so good in teaching me in those times. I can only do it all in prayer. The living word breaths life and prayer and worship brings it all together. Being broken and humble and alert to listen is so important. Praise God for prayer. Praise God for dreams and visions. Praise God he is faithful in everything. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. Yeshua Agape♡ Shalom

  3. Charlie Falugo

    Thank you Chris! This PrayerCast is powerful. My life gets so busy….I’m praying that the Lord will keep your words alive in my mind and heart. I’m going to slip away for some prayer right now.
    God is blessing you and us! What an amazing Savior!

  4. Geddy Kohler

    Thank you Chris. It’s important to know the temptations and struggles we face are all conmon to man. Hearing your heart through this prayercast is an encouragement to me. Especially now.

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