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  1. Karen Cobleigh

    I love you Charlie♡ mucho!!!
    You are a walking miracle♡ Thank you Lord for this prayer♡ Heavenly sent♡Hallelujah!!!!
    Thank you Lord for Charlie’s life full of praise .
    Yahweh your so good all the time♡
    Thank you Yeshua♡
    Thank you♡ Amein😇Holy Spirit Fire!!!!

  2. Steve DuPlessie

    Thank you Charlie for helping us rethink the familiar words of the Lord’s Prayer with your amplified version. “Be exalted, be glorified, O Father!”

  3. Amen, Amen, Amen! How patient God is with us as we can only to begin to capture the wonder of who God our Savior is,
    and how much He has done, and is doing for us, that we might be called children of God. Oh that He may empower us to walk worthy of that calling, and enjoy the peace,and implement the power that He is so willing to bestow upon us…. Thank you for reminding me of who my Father is!

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