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  1. Ellen Stebbings

    Well said Jim! A good reminder to be daily in prayer for this great country of ours!

  2. Charlie Falugo

    Profound and stirring, brother Jim. Thank you for sharing your insight and your heart. This PrayerCast was a blessing and I was moved to pray by it. God blessed you brother!

  3. Steve DuPlessie

    Wow, what a convicting challenge, Jim. Very, very fitting for our times. I do no see how God can possibly bless the hatred and injustice, and the wholesale worship of humanistic materialism that consumes our nation. Certainly our hope is not in a political party or a powerful leader but rather in humbly submitting to our God. Thank you for pointing out the lessons of our history, particularly in light of ancient Israel’s struggle to remain God’s holy people.

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