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  1. Karen Cobleigh

    Amein Amein!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you so much Lord for this beautiful missionary ♡ Thank you Lord for all the prayers and her heart for you Lord♡ I love wisdom and prayer♡ Your faithful Lord in everything. A hedge of protection Lord on all the missionaries ♡ Yeshua your so Good. Amein.

  2. Michelle Stebbings

    I’ve listened TWICE to this Word. Thank you for submitting to G_ds direction in your life. I was able to glean an incredible amount of wisdom in a 5 minute Word because Scripture is so rich. It is applicable to many areas of our lives. Reminding me of those “Heavenly chariots!” was my favorite part. Bless you sister.

  3. Steve DuPlessie

    Thank you sister for this testimony of God’s faithfulness in providing and guiding you and Charles in your ministry in south India for more years than I have lived! Your scripture-rich story is testimony to the power of resting in the promises of God and the truths of His word in Jesus Christ. Blessings on you for blessing us with this encouraging word.

  4. Chris Tirrell

    Thank you Mrs. Anchan for your encouraging words! Yours and Mr. Anchan’s years of faithfulness has born and will continue to bear fruit around the globe. I look forward to watching the extension of your ministry in Tumkur for years to come. Well done faithful servants!

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