They are coming to us!

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by Steve DuPlessie – April 11, 2017

So we talked last Sunday — April 9, 2017 (Listen again here) — about “Unreached People Groups” in the “10-40 Window,” groups of people around the world who do not yet have the bible in their heart language or any means of effective evangelism within their group.

The number was pretty astounding — 6,738 distinct people groups without the gospel! Check out the pictures and maps, charts, graphs, and stories at The Joshua Project to get a better picture of the challenge … and the opportunity.

We talked about the plan, the grand strategy that focuses the wealth of resources that many Christians enjoy around the world (books, bibles, schools, podcasts, not to forget churches on the corner in our communities) on that target, the 10-40 Window and those Unreached People Groups. We said that you can Pray, you can Give, you can Go. And…

And you can reach out to people from the 10-40 Window who are coming to us!
First, international students at Wheaton College, brown, PC, Johnson & Wales, RISD, UMass. Hundreds of international students, many from otherwise closed countries within the 10-40 Window, who might welcome a dinner in an American home, welcome a place to stay on a college break.

Or consider recent immigrants in our own community. The largest immigrant group in Attleboro currently is from … Egypt, a closed country that does not welcome missionaries. But Egyptians are coming to us, even in Attleboro!

Or consider refugees fleeing the ongoing civil war in Syria. Providence RI is home to 80% of the refugees from the Syrian conflict in RI. these refugees need to learn English, need clothes, jobs, education. The Dorcas International Center in Providence coordinates support services for these refugees.

There are all sorts of opportunities to reach Arabs, Kurds, South Asians, Africans with the gospel right here, without going overseas! They are coming to us!

Pray that God will show you how you can be part of His Mission in reaching the Unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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  1. Jim Lavin

    Thanks Steve for pointing this out to us. God is moving large groups of people from overseas to our area. We’ve experienced this in our travels around southeastern Mass. The Holy Spirit has impressed us with the need to welcome them despite our natural anxieties about the current world events.

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