Our mission: “Leading people to faith and maturity in Christ”

>> Help seekers become believers

>> Help believers become fully devoted followers


Our vision: Become a contagious community of fully devoted followers of Christ.


Part 1: Leading Seekers To Faith In Christ
Contact > Community > Conversion
Our mission begins with personal outreach. Establish contact and common ground with people you know who are spiritually curious. Talk about your faith in the Lord. Help them understand: “It’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship.” Invite them to a mid-week Life Group or a service at Good News so they can experience worship, truth and community. Pray they will one day ask the Lord Jesus Christ to be their forgiver and leader.


Part 2: Leading Believers To Maturity In Christ
Life Group > Service > Stewardship
In small groups—we call them Life Groups—believers grow in love for one another, appreciation of God’s Word, and devotion to jesus through bible study, prayer, fellowship, accountability, and serving. This growth continues as we serve together, using our God-given abilities to help the church reach its potential, and as we give generously, investing our resources in the work of leading people to faith and maturity in Christ.