Life Gorups logo 2About Life Groups…
The elders of Good News agree that to truly be part of Good News, you need to be in a Life Group – a small group of 8-20 people who meet in area homes mid-week for bible study and prayer, building relationships and service. A Life Group is where you can get your questions answered, grow in your faith and build new, supportive relationships. Each week there are almost two dozen different Life Groups in the greater-Attleboro area for you to connect with.

To get the big picture of Life Groups, why they’re important and how you fit in, go to the Listen page of this website and listen to or download the MP3 files of Steve’s three teachings on Life Groups in the Fully Connected series- “A Church That Cares“, “Authentic Community“, and “Focused on the Mission” (Aug/Sep ’06).

Life Groups take many forms at GNBC – there are groups for adults, women, men, young adults, post-high school, high school and middle school – but the one common factor is that they are the best way for individuals or couples to get to be known, loved, and connected apart from the large Sunday morning  meeting. Most Life Groups take place in area homes during the week.

For more information check out our Life Groups FAQ section. Or to get connected with a Life Group at 508 226 2916 or by email to

Current mid-week life groups…

Day                   Group       Leader/Host(s) & Location                              Contact

6:00pm1            Adults       Charlie & Mandy Falugo, @ GNBC          508 369 2685
7:00pm1            Adults       Michelle & Dan Stebbings, Rehoboth      401 663 2923
7:00pm1            Yng Adlts  Ethan Tirrell, Attleboro                             401 633 4360


6:30pm             Adults       Dave & Phoebe Christensen, Attleboro  508 369 0180

7:30pm             Women     Michelle Stebbings, Rehoboth                 508 287 6332


6:00pm             Jr High     Ben Parker, GNBC, Attleboro                     508 212 4332

7:00pm             Sr High     Ben Parker, GNBC, Attleboro                     508 212 4332

7:00pm1              Adults          Dave & Pat St. Pierre, No. Attleboro          508 365 7633

7:00pm             Adults       Bob & Marilyn Boyce, Cumberland          401 487 2834

7:00pm             Adults       Dave & Ellen Stebbings, Attleboro           774 254 0090

7:00pm1            Adults       Art & Dena Warner, Rehoboth                 508 930 4538

8:00pm             Adults3      Mark Wurster, Providence                         401 487 2834


9:00am             Women2   Jenn Parker, GNBC, Attleboro                  401 749 6786

10:00am           Adults       Gary Couture, Attleboro                           339 203 0138


7:00pm1            Adults       Carol & Roger Veilleux, Attleboro            508 736 3267

7:00pm1            Adults       Joe & Glory Williams, Foxboro                  617 639 5377

7:30pm1            Adults       Sherrie & Mike Oppe, Franklin                  508 520 7292

7:00pm             Adults5      Edna & Francisco Rojas, Pawtucket         508 685 4542


9:00am             Adults5    Alicia & Leonardo Berganza, Attleboro       508 222 3813

5:30pm1           Adults w/TeensGreg & Christy Bonaguide, Attle    508 226 8118


1 Meets every other week; 2 Child care provided; 3 A 21-week group in basic Christian Discipleship;
4 Mom & Dad w kids 13 y.o. & up, no child care; 5 en Español