Helping students find their identity in Christ.


Who are you?

Is your identity wrapped up in the good things you’ve done? the bad things?

Is your identity wrapped up in what others think of you?

Is your identity wrapped up in what other people call you? what you call yourself?

Is your identity wrapped up in your ability to perform? your clothes, hairstyle or music choices?


Your identity is a mix of how you define yourself and how you let others define you.

And how you define yourself affects everything.


What if your identity is based on what God thinks about you? what God calls you? how God defines you?

God calls you blessed.

God calls you holy.

God calls you forgiven.

God calls you righteous.

God calls you free.

God calls you strong.

God calls you good, very good…perfect.

What if your identity is defined by your position in Christ?

God calls you his son and his daughter.

God calls you his own, you have been adopted and belong to God.

God calls you his heirs (with an eternal inheritance).

God calls you by name, His Beloved.

God calls you His Treasure.

God calls you His Masterpiece.


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